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Welcome to Modern's Forgotten Universe rules page!
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Discord Rules:

1. The Primary Language of the Discord server is English.

2. No Inappropriate Nicknames or Profile Pictures

3. Don't ask for ranks, use what is given to you in the Roles channel.

4. No publishing of personal information (including Real Names, Addresses, Emails, Passwords, Bank Accounts, Credit Card Information, etc.)

5. No Personal Attacks toward anyone

6. No Racism, Sexism, or hate speech of anykind.

7. No Political, Sexual, or religious discussions of AnyKind.

8. No Off Topic, Use the Right Channel for the topic you wish to discuss.

9. Don't Advertise (IPs/invites links to other servers or communities without permission from Mod or above)

10. Don't Ping any Members for any reason whatsoever.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a the following

1. Warning from Mods and Higher

2. Mute from Mods and Higher

3. Will result in a temp ban or permeant ban depending on Mod, Admin, or Owner feels is the appropriate time your should be banned for.

Minecraft Rules:

1. All players must have appropriate usernames that are not offensive.

2. Your Minecraft skin must be appropriate for our community and is not offensive.

3. Griefing is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

4. Do not ask for free stuff or beg for items.

5. Do not build any type of farm with the purpose to overwhelm or cause a negative impact on the server.

6. Please use English in public chat.

7. Speaking other languages in the global chat except English is not allowed. 

8. Harassing Mods, Admins, etc. is not allowed.

9. Advertising of other servers in public and private chat is prohibited.

10. Use inappropriate language or creating inappropriate content is not allowed.

11. Malicious threats of any kind towards other players are not permitted.

12. Do not send any personal information without the owner’s consent.

13. Any threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.

14. Do not send any link that is deemed inappropriate or malicious.

15. Profanity, racism, and discrimination are prohibited in public chat.

16. Drama, politics, and religion in the chat are prohibited.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent ban